Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What is Hope?

Many ask what is hope? There are many answers, each answer may be different. Ones answer if different because we find hope in different things, some say faith, some find hope in god and god only, god teaches them and shows them the way to eternal life and life after death, some find hope in music, they listen to their favorite tune and can hear what they must do next, they are having problems some have hope in friends, their friends may give them advice and help them cope with stressful situations. Personally, I find hope in God, and it leads me in a certain direction, my family also leads me into another direction, god makes people go in a "good" direction, at a young age followers are taught to go in a certain direction by not doing things, known as sins. My family tells me to always go to school and after that continue with school and work. Hope makes me go forward until stopping, and to be honest i don't think the stop sign is close, at all. Hope makes me go towards what I want, whether it be a career, a house, a family, or more. Hope in faith means praying, obeying the rules of god and always following his rules and not sinning against him. Hope is the knowing of the afterlife for some, just that, those who doubt god and do not believe in god have hope in something else unlike many religious people in the world. They find hope in other things and hope is always going to be different for different people. You may find it in something or in someone. Ideas or people. It can be found in millions of forms, shapes, and sizes.

Friday, March 17, 2017

"The ones who walk away from omelas"

What I understand from this "story", the civilization that they live in is like a fairy tale, it is unheard of. The society there is reluctant to do anything that most people would do in our country or society. The way they leave is so happily and gracefully. All but one at Omelas is living happily and living in peace. The people of omelas describe this person as feeble minded, there is clearly something wrong with this person living in a closet, or not even a closet something way smaller than a closet, this entity is sitting in its own waste, if it it not there the others can not live happily, plus if it was freed it would not be able to live happily ever again, it is not able to live with the others. In my eyes i see that there is someone like this or many people in our country that could be this kid in the closet, the first thing that i thought was the government, then i realized that the government actually are the people and we can be the feeble minded child, some sheeple in our country do not realize some problems going on that affect them and just keep supporting the govt in the good and in the bad decisions. The final choice that i made was that the child in the closet was those who work really hard for people to be living happily in ac houses with cable and food at all times they want, Im not sure if your parent work a lot but my dad does and he isnt like this kid sitting in his own waste and so thing that he looks like a holocaust survivor but he definitely works his ass of for way more hours than I know a majority of people do, because of this HIM and his family can have the necessities and some things we want. There are those who work really hard for many people to live happily in their homes, and one people see that they are working harder than they ever imagined they walk away, maybe to help those who work really hard or even to find a job themselves, well that is just what i think. those are the ones who walk away from omelas.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Social Injustice: May we learn

Social justice is a sensitive topic for many people these days, kids do not learn about bad things. Bad things going on are censored on the news, some kids who have informative parents actually see this and are educated on these topics. Children now see how black lives matter riots spread across their nation. Kids see how the world is changing before them. Social injustice can be caused because of things that people see around them, ideas that are spread to them, thoughts and changes in cultures, things that changes their daily lives. The rise of racism is underway as many new communities are coming up. LGBT and Gay marriage parades have undergone ways and are now the social norm. As a teen in San Diego I see how races and cultures get along differently and how they battle sometimes. The times I have moved from University to Skyline to Spring Valley, and now to lemon grove, I see that there is a huge gap in reputation for everything because of color or race. Many ted talks on how being black in today's world is affecting us, and how deportation of Illegal Immigrants of all races are negatively changing the United States really get people thinking of a world without these people. Many jobs are thought of to only hire because of who they are or how they look, but lets take a look at reality. When people are being unjust to people because of race or just discriminating in general, it IS socially wrong to do this, but those people know exactly what they are doing. People not only are socially beaten, but people also lose jobs because of social injustice on the daily. We all should learn that just like racism and other discrimination, social injustice can turn into something normal and we must learn how to fight against it and stop this from growing, help people get jobs, not get ignored from an interview because of ones color, or because where they were born.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Que es la felicidad?

Happiness. What it is to me may not be what it is to you, the emotion of one, the mindset of one. Everyone is different. What makes some people varies. Some may be happy by a certain sport, activity, a certain person in their life, a certain place. Me, I love soccer, and shoes. When I see new shoes come out, even though i cant buy them it makes me happy. Even though i like money, i have realized that money cant rule somebody's life by quickly consuming their bank account. As price inflation goes up for everyday items people are obligated to put their focus onto it. Yes, i try to get more and more each day by "working" and doing what i can but I do not make myself a money printer. Soccer on the other hand is something that is easily accesible to lots. I have soccer practice for the school team daily. It takes your mind off of any worries in my opinion. It also helps in the physical state. Wight goes down, muscle goes up, it is very healthy for one. Many people start exercising because of their weight or unhealthiness. I do not worry much as I am slim and small. Sports and exercise help me maintain this form and better my body as I play and get better mentally. Shoes, I keep up to date on new adidas shoes and any new things and or technology that they are using for better comfort and performance. My family, my brother, and cousins who are not close to me, I get to see them once a month and still that, that makes me happy. That is a part of my life.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Tedx Talk: Happiness in a bottle

My favorite ted talk. Sam Berns presents his ted talk on his philosophy on a happy life. He informs us that he has had a happy life so far and has had one thing from stopping him proceed in this act. Progeria. Sam was diagnosed with progeria at the the age of 2. Progeria is a rapid aging condition. Nothing has stopped him because he has taken the best out of his life and continues to go forward. His favorite hobby as he attends Foxboro High school in Foxboro, Massachusetts is being on the band. He is a snare drummer for his school marching band and this makes him happy. Later when the school demanded that he could not drum because of the drums weight, he was on his way to find out how he can continue his favorite hobby. He quickly had ideas, after ideas of how he can solve this problem. He came up with an idea to make a lightweight snare harness that would be easy for him to take on marches. He made his ideas come to life in his garage and came up with the new lightweight harness for him self. After actually putting it to use he found out that he could pursue his acts and that nothing could stop him anymore. What i took out of this talk is something truly useful. Nothing can stop you. It may be hard to grasp at first but if you put it to context, it is true, nothing can stop you. Sam Berns, like me has inspired many people in my opinion. I really learned from this. No matter how small, wide, skinny, dark you are you are what you make yourself, you are your own product.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

dads imitation.

Someone I have learned from or learned from imitation to be exact is from my father. He taught me many essentials. My mom said that he taught me how to walk and how to talk. That was back then, now he talks to me about money and about my future. He didn't go to college but i know that once I go to college he will help me. I'm pretty sure everyone tried being like their parents at once in their lifetime, but my parents weren't always there physically, they were working. My older brother and my grandma would normally take care of me, but when no one was there my brother would take care of me. Still to this day my father teaches me and makes me improve on things I do wrong or how to do things that I've never learned before. I want my dad to keep teaching me new things so I can be way smarter than him and learn alot of things that can help me in life, I would also like to be successful like him. taight me how to ride a dirt bike and thats the direction my life is going now.

The best place ever!!??

My favorite place. Now that I think about it it's not close or very similar to where we are now. I've only been there once, but it is amazing and I can't wait to go back soon. Leon, Guanajuato. The first time I came here was right after the first session of summer school. I had to go to the second session but couldn't because of this long waited trip. My parents and I knew that we wanted to go soon but were not sure of the exact date. I searched up plane tickets, hotels, and rental car prices, and soon enough we were packing our bags. I have never been on a plane at this time, I was nervous to meet new family members, and my dad hasn't gone in 30 years. There we are in Tijuana's airport. Patiently waiting as we see that our flight is delayed, so there we sat, 2 hours went by and our plane finally comes. 30 minutes more and its ready for takeoff. As i was passing through the little tunnel way towards the plane that is connected to the airport, I feel the planes floor hard and bare. I sit down 2 rows in front of my parents. Luckily I got the window seat and not the middle seat. This was a smaller airplane and it wasnt like any boeing 747 or any american airlines airplane where theres like 7 seats one one side of the row. This was a 3 seater and the window seat wasnt bad. As the plane turns and reverses slightly, we line up with the run way. Turbines roaring and as fast as this... You feel the speed.  2 seconds later we are in the air leaning slightly to the left. I can see the Coronado bridge as we get higher and begin to gain lots of altitude, I relax and just wait it out the journey to leon is here. The airplane is slowly descending and the attendant announces that we are 5 minutes from landnig. 5 minutes go by and i see the airport one last turn then it descends completely and we are at the Silao airport. Instantly as we are past customs we walk to the waiting area, and my dad gets happier as he sees people who run to hm and my mom (My mom and my grandma left to Lon once before because it seemed that my great grandpa was dying) I know absolutely none of those people. Turns out one is My aunt, My Grandma's sister, her brother, my cousin, and another cousin. We walk out instantly feeling the extremely humid and hot wind, I can see the cloudy sky, dark, almost black. We hop in a Ford expedition that is meant for 8, but we're mexicans. 12 fit in the car at this moments as the car races down a highway at 70. People drive horribly and to this day ask myself, "How did they get drivers licenses?", we get to the hotel we where supposed to stay at. My dad tell them that we got a hotel but they where driving straight home. We just checked in and checkd out the sick rooms. 2 hotel rooms separated. We went out and into the car. We got to a place with some stores and behind those stores where some houses, tall houses. We get off the car and enter the house. A dog greets us by growling and ferouciously barking. As we open the door a bandaged chihuahua sits there. Its a little living room then a opening on the other side to an open hall way with no roof. The surrondings of family homes are way different than to what they are here. During this trip I learned about so much, history, of Mexico and of the family. After that I felt that there was way more to me and my family than just the people around me. My family was so nice there and after I left they still called me and texted me on Facebook. I actually felt like it changed my aspect of the "small" family. The week with people I cared about and came really close to went by almost instantly and It was amazing. Really the best place in my opinion. And I hope to go back.